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As a former BBC National Journalist and Newsreader, confidence in communication is a tool which I developed over the years in my role at the BBC, and is an invaluable skill which I use on a daily basis, especially in my role as a Wedding Celebrant, which sees me delivering wedding ceremonies to groups of 50-200 guests at a time.

With subjects that I’m passionate about (weddings, the wedding industry and wedding business), my talks and presentations are engaging, inspiring and fun! Always, fun!

I am a firm believer and avid practitioner of the idea that when I am talking, nobody will be looking at their watch, wondering what’s for lunch or thinking about what they need to organise for their dinner. With me as a speaker, engagement is high, enjoyment is a guaranteed and inspiration is very much delivered.

Do email me if you’re interested in me being a speaker or host for your event.