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I speak, I write, I blog, I podcast. Basically, I make a hell of a noise. Nice noise.

Ever since I fell in love with Harry Hamlin in LA Law, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, even though the UK does not have lawyers, they have solicitors and barristers, but hey, Harry was a lawyer so I wanted to be a lawyer!

One day, I was on the steps of the High Court in London, carrying out some tasks for the law firm I was working for. I was on an internship as part of my Law degree and on this day I spotted a news reporter talking about a case, which I had also been present at. She was awesome. Smart, concise, eloquent, engaging and I remembering thinking and quite possibly even saying aloud, ‘I’m going to do that.’

Harry and my legal dreams got kicked to the curb, just like that. Now, I’m not usually that fickle and I don’t often change plans so drastically, in such fits of randomness, but in hindsight I could see that everything I had learnt and loved during my degree (media law) and had been doing at university (writing for the student magazine, guest presenting on the radio) were actually pointing me into the direction of journalism.

So fast forward a couple of years with my Law degree in one hand and my post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism in the other, I stepped through the doors of BBC Radio Oxford, to what would be the start of my almost decade long career at the BBC. And what I had said I was going to do on the steps of the High Court that day – I did!


Fast forward again, and my BBC boyfriend and I after many years of throwing ourselves into the fast-paced life of journalism, decide to slow the hell down and to put some life back into our lives. We sold up, packed up and headed to Mexico. A few years in Mexico put us right again and we returned back to Europe to put down some roots and to throw ourselves into new challenges; marriage, parenthood, business ownership, vegetable growing!

My next career stop was that of a Wedding Celebrant. In 2007 after a random opportunity to lead a wedding ceremony in Mexico, I decided to set up my own wedding business, as a fresh and funky Wedding Celebrant in Malaga in the Costa Del Sol where we moved to after our Mexican love affair. Eleven years later, I now run a small team of Celebrants and have served over 700 couples, from VIPS to celebrities and every wonderful Being in between.

I now use my wedding expertise and years of experience working within the wedding industry to engage and converse with other wedding professional on a range of industry platforms and events.  

With my mindful approach to weddings and the wedding industry, believing that no-one should have to suffer to succeed with their goals, whether it’s getting married or having a career as a wedding professional, everything I teach and share is enriched with this idea.

Life is good

Official bio

Natasha has been an independent Wedding Celebrant for more than a decade. Through her company Malaga Minister, she is a passionate advocate for wedding ownership. Encouraging authenticity, honesty and integrity amongst wedding couples and wedding professionals alike.

As an avid writer, Natasha is also the creator of the award-winning wedding blog Engaged and Ready, one of few wedding blogs to focus solely on wedding ceremonies and championing the amazing work of Celebrants. The blog now attracts over 10k monthly visitors and has been ranked in the top 30 UK wedding blogs. In 2016 the blog won Wedding Magazine’s Best Bridal Real Talk Blog Award and was ranked in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s top ten wedding blogs in 2015.

Natasha is regularly asked to contribute to other mainstream wedding blogs and national publications and has featured on Love my Dress, Nu Bride, A Practical Wedding, Bridal Musings and the like. She’s also featured on the Bridechilla Podcast, too, and she is an ‘Ask the Expert’ columnist and feature writer for Confeti Magazine – Spain & Gibraltar’s largest wedding publication.

A week doesn’t go by where she isn’t writing about weddings, talking about weddings or being present at weddings. It’s safe to say that weddings and celebrancy are a huge part of her life.

In October 2017, Natasha founded The Celebrants Collective, the first online membership community of its kind which brings together Celebrants from around the world in a collective spirit of education, connection and inspiration. The Collective’s ethos is to help Celebrants to be the best that they can be, with sessions led by industry experts, access to learning materials and resources, workshops and Celebrant events, as well as a supportive community, Celebrants can truly fulfil their potential.

Natasha is also an industry judge for the Wedding Industry Awards Celebrant of the Year category which sees her using her experience and expertise to judge Celebrants who are at the top of their game, a role which fills her with absolute pride in her Celebrant colleagues.

She is also the host of the Celebrant Survival Podcast and a passionate and proud member of the wider global wedding community. She loves nothing more than seeing wedding professionals growing, thriving and doing what they do best.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you. Email me!