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Talking blogging for business across the pond

At the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of presenting a mini-version of my signature blogging workshop, ‘How to kick butt with your business blog,’ to an amazing group of American businesswomen and female entrepreneurs via Zoom (thank the boffins for amazing technology!)

Due to the wonders of Zoom, I spent an afternoon in Malaga, which was a morning in New York, sharing my blogging wisdom with members of the B.I.G, Believe Inspire Grow community. B.I.G is an awesome organisation for women to support women in business, by providing a community and network for support, growth, friendship and business development.

Love to learn

As always, it’s such a joy to share this knowledge with other business women, especially women who come to the table ready and willing to either learn something completely new or to get ideas and tips for something that they’re already familiar with. As I’m forever saying, no matter what stage you’re at in your career or job, there is ALWAYS something to learn.

After a lovely warm welcome from B.I.G’s CEO Tara Gilvar, I jumped straight into my presentation. One thing I love doing, no matter who it is that am talking to, is to keep it real. To keep my language simple, and jargon-free and to just use real, everyday examples and imagery to get across some of the more complex ideas behind blogging. People really appreciate it and I can see my points hitting home much more powerfully, than they would if I did it any other way.

Making blogging easier

Blogging for business is something that I am so passionate about and love sharing with others, so that they can harness the benefits of blogging and use it to boost their business. It’s such an under-used marketing platform and it drives me crazy that people don’t use it enough!

I love to break down the presentation into explaining what the function of blogging is in terms of business, what we can learn from the blogging profession, what myths about blogging stop most people from getting on with it and taking the principles and using them in every day business.

After the session, we had a short Q&A element, which allowed members to interact and to ask me questions specific to their own blogging needs etc. It was such a joy to be able to engage in this way and to give these women more confidence when it came to blogging for their own businesses. And if this feedback afterwards wasn’t complimentary enough, it certainly went a long way for me, in confirming that my goal was most definitely achieved.

Do I love what I do? Or do I love what I do?

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