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Last October, I flew to London to take part in the Jelly Bean Wedding Conference at the awesome Rich Mix Cinema in Shoreditch, organised by wedding photographer, Matt Badenoch. It was the perfect venue for a day long conference for wedding professionals who had all come together to take their wedding industry knowledge and practice to new levels.

I love that the wedding industry as a whole is recognising the values of continued education – the idea that we never stop learning and that no matter what profession with have within our chosen industry, there is ALWAYS something new to learn. New skills, new ideas, new ways of working. Continuing education stops wedding professionals from becoming stale in their work and keeps them refreshed and rejuvenated with their thinking.

A gathering of top UK wedding professionals

I was amongst an amazing line up of speakers that day and so it was wonderful for me to be able to listen to their talks and presentations, before and after my own. Magician Lee Smith who is actually so much more than a magician, an author and powerful motivator, along with his partner and co-author, magician Spencer Wood did a fantastic presentation on how to collaborate with others within the wedding industry for mutual and prosperous benefit.

Nadine Van Biljon did a great talk about doing sales without being too salesy, which again was brilliant. Lidia Lima did an awesome talk on mindfulness and burnout, something which people in the wedding industry can suffer from all too easily. Photographer Lee Allison spoke powerfully on how to build up resilience within the industry and through how you work, which touched everyone to the core. Nova Reid from Nu Bride, as always was outstanding with her talk on diversity and inclusivity within the wedding industry and Lina Orsino-Allen was on fire talking about the importance of branding. Then of course, there was me talking about blogging.

One thing I love about teaching blogging to wedding professionals, is that you already have a largely captive audience. Everyone knows that they should be blogging, especially those who work in the wedding industry where wedding blogs are now pretty much the voice of the industry. Everyone knows it, it’s just their either don’t do it, don’t know how to do it, or they do it but they don’t know if they’re doing it right. So this formed the basis of my talk. Breaking down blogging, smashing the myths and helping everyone understand that it is easier to do than they think and that the benefits of it make it something that EVERYONE should be doing.

After my presentation, it was so lovely to talk to some of the attendees and to hear their thoughts on the talk. One woman thanked me for inspiring her and for giving her confidence a much-needed boost when it came to her business blog. She had been someone who kept talking herself out of creating a blog for her business thinking that she would never have anything to talk about, or anything that visitors to her website would find interesting. Thankfully, after my talk she realised that she was completely wrong! I absolutely love to hear feedback like this because it simply reaffirms the good that comes from sharing knowledge. How beneficial it is to pass on gems of information and spread knowledge to benefit others.

I’m really looking forward to making a full workshop out of this – a day long opportunity to really get stuck into the mechanics of blogging and spreading this knowledge wide and far to wedding business owners and other business owners alike.

Check out my events page to see about my latest workshops that I’ve got coming up.