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Hello! **Me waving.** 

Before you start to work your way around my website to learn a little bit more about me, I’m going to give you a quick heads up; I love two things very much, talking and tea. Give me tea, let me talk and I am one very happy person. My mum tells people that I came out of the womb talking, and I actually believe her.

Over the years however, I have learned to finesse what it is that I talk about, and whilst I still have the odd occasions of talking to complete strangers about all manner of things, most of the time my dialogue has an objective, is educational, is informative, is engaging and most of all, is fun!

With eleven solid years working in the amazing wedding industry, I use my expertise to write, talk and teach about a wide range of subjects of interest for wedding professionals and wedding clients alike.

If you click on the icons below, you’ll find out heaps more about what I do and how I do it! Enjoy!

“Natasha is a breath of fresh air. She talks with passion and has a huge amount of wedding industry knowledge. And above all, she’s a lot of fun!

– Recent workshop attendee